The mixed-up fantasy world and mystery of Charming Blue, the fourth installment of Grayson’s Charming Books, is a compelling read, with engaging characters and a plot that will keep you turning pages. Unfortunately, the romance takes second billing in this Hollywood-meets-fairy tale story, and readers may find themselves wishing for a little more magic of the passionate variety and a bit less of literal sorcery. Still, the hero is a likable misunderstood bad boy, and you’ll find yourself rooting for him in this light, fun read.

Jodi Walters has an unusual job: She wrangles magical talent in Hollywood, often fixing problems for her clients. But suddenly a cousin of the world’s most famous fairy asks her for a favor: helping the legendary Bluebeard, who allegedly beheaded several wives. Jodi finds herself mixed up in more than the usual out-of-this-world events. She’s attracted to Blue — actually a member of the Charming family — which could prove dangerous when Jodi is drawn into the horrors of his past. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo