Image of Charming the Devil (Witches of Mayfair)


Image of Charming the Devil (Witches of Mayfair)

With just the right amount of tenderness, poignancy and sensuality, Greiman hits the mark with the final Witches of Mayfair tale. Her delightfully shy heroine and bold hero provide a strong conflict, but the magical love story takes center stage.

The Ladies of Lavender House are actually a coven of white witches working for the Crown. Faye has watched her "sisters" fight evil and, though timid, she feels ready for a mission. Her assignment to uncover who killed a lord leads her into London's social whirl and the arms of the key suspect, Rogan MacBain.

Rogan is suspicious of beautiful women, having played the fool before, but Faye brings out his gallantry. Old fears and new enemies nearly drive them apart, but love and Faye's powers draw them into a forever love. (AVON, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin