This is a terrific time-travel book. Its emphasis is not on the traveling itself but rather on the implied destiny. CHARMING THE HIGHLANDER is wonderfully rendered and the characters vivid and compelling. A real gem of a story!

Mathematical physicist Grace Sutter is overcome with grief at the loss of her sister Mary. Mary arrived on Grace's doorstep pregnant and confused after learning the truth about the man she loves. Michael MacBain claims he was born in 1171 and that he and nine other men were transported into modern times four years ago. As Mary travels back to reconcile with him, she's in a car accident and is forced to deliver her baby early. On her deathbed, Mary begs that Grace take the baby to his father.

Greylen MacKeage, Laird of the MacKeage, liked his neighbor Mary, despite her falling in love with his enemy, Michael MacBain. Returning home from a conference, Grey and Grace find themselves on the same plane. When it crashes, it is Grey's hardened survival experiences that will keep Grace and the baby alive. From the moment they meet, Grey and Grace feel a strange connection; little do they know the extremes that have been taken to bring them together. (Pocket, Feb., 394 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith