Madeline Baker delivers a high-action adventure in which the heroine is modern and the hero is a half-Apache warrior who rides a magnificent spirit stallion, which rescues them from danger by racing between the late 1860s and the present.

Trey Long Walkers first journey into Amanda Burketts time follows a bank robbery he performs to avenge his fathers loss of the home ranch. The horse takes the wounded Trey to Amandas ranch, where she removes the bullet and nurses him.

Amandas first journey to the rugged frontier happens when the horse rescues her and Trey from the guns of hoods looking for her modern bounty hunter boyfriend.

The travelers romance is a bit too fast-paced for perfection; however, the details of each era are well-described and the Apache lore authentic. Madeline Baker offers time-travel fans an innovative treat. Sensual (Oct., 394 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger