Although he is hundreds of miles away, Jake Baretta knows the instant his twin brother John is shot. From the pain afflicting his own body, Jake knows the wound is deadly serious, and that this time, no matter what Jake does, he will not be able to save his twin.

John Baretta is an ATF agent whose current case involves the Moon clan. Old Elijah Moon has taken his seven grown children, their families and other like-minded individuals and moved to remote rural Kentucky. But while Elijah is a pacifist and devout Christian, his oldest son Brady has an anti-government mentality. Behind his father's back, Brady has armed his small militia group and is prepared to do battle. Keeping a promise to her dead mother, Gracie Moon left her job to move to the compound to watch out for her father Elijah. As Gracie watches her brother and his followers become more violent, she fears for her entire family.

After having his brother die in his arms, Jake is out for vengeance. He makes a deal with John's boss; Jake will walk back into the compound as Jake "Crockett," who miraculously survived being shot in the back. Jake will finish what his brother started and this time it is the Moon clan who will pay. What Jake doesn't count on is the beautiful and gentle Gracie. When it becomes apparent that she is innocent, how can Jake let her be caught in the dragnet that is slowly closing in?

Reserve a large block of reading time before you start CHASE THE MOON, because Ms. McCall's latest will keep you glued. Timely, topical, thrilling and passionate, this is top-notch entertainment! (Oct., 329 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith