Ever since the day his family was slaughtered by Indians, Zack Myers has lived for revenge; he joined the army hoping for a chance to kill those who shattered his life.

From the moment Iris sees the handsome soldier she knows she will be Zack's wife. Nothing can diminish her love nor weaken their marriage-not the difference in their social class, the Civil War, the harsh life of an army wife, or Zack's burning hatred for revenge.

Proud Nez Pierce warrior Strong Runner believes in the rights of his people to secure their sacred hunting grounds and fights for freedom. Yet when the young "bluecoat" and his beautiful wife need his help, Strong Runner and his beloved Morning Star reach out to help Zack and Iris.

Slowly, Zack comes to see the Pawnee scout, Thomas, as a man and not just an Indian, and begins to view the Nez Pierce as people, like himself, seeking to protect their land and families. With Iris' love he begins to heal, but tragically the ongoing troubles with the Indians will drive Zack and Strong Runner headlong into a war where friendship has no place.

The immense power within the pages of CHASE THE SUN is awe-inspiring. This heartrending saga is not just a four- hankie read, but an inspiring novel of the plight of the Native Americans and one man's chance to understand that all men are spiritually brothers. Kudos to Ms. Bittner! SENSUAL (Oct., 440 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin