This traditional Western has less historical detail than most, but an exceptionally strong love story between ranch princess Letty Sue Withers and cowboy Chase Wheeler, whose Cheyenne name is Silver Wolf.

Letty Sue's mom leaves the ranch, trusting Chase to guard her daughter, and his first job is to rescue her from the unwanted advances of an ardent suitor. When Chase is about to be arrested, Letty swears publicly that they've been together every night, which leads to a marriage of convenience that Chase insists on for Letty's protection; a marriage he has every intention of ending as soon as Letty's mother returns.

A box lunch fundraiser scene is humorous because Letty must struggle to learn to cook. The couple finds a lost baby, Chase has issues of trust, and Letty must deal with his former love. This novel is pleasant reading with good sexual tension and romance, but the plot surprises are a bit long in coming. SENSUAL (May, 359 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger