Twenty-five years ago, Jenny Fallon had given up her half-Apache son to save her husband Rider's life. Now mother and son meet at long last.

Chase the Wind is ready to hate the woman who abandoned him, but he can't. She had been a prisoner of the Apache, just as his people are now prisoners of the white man's reservations. He sympathizes with her quest for freedom and her pain in leaving him.

Before the entire family can be reunited, Chase is framed for murder and sentenced to hang. His family plots his escape, but their plans go awry when a beautiful banker's daughter interferes.

Beth Johnson hates being a lady all the time and longs for adventure. Her one brief meeting with Chase reveals that he is her true soul mate, her destiny. She breaks him out of jail and together they hide out in the rancheria. Their cultural differences are immediately evident, but love helps them survive.

But when Chase's name is cleared, they must face their greatest challenge-her prejudiced parents and her ex-fianc-Chase the Wind's brother!

This sequel to Apache Runaway is pure magic and packed with action, adventure and passion. Madeline Baker fans, get ready to laugh and cry from beginning to the surprise ending. SENSUAL (Sept., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer