Image of Chasin' Eight (Rough Riders)


Image of Chasin' Eight (Rough Riders)

Long on plot and smoking with explosive chemistry between the protagonists, James pens another stellar entry in her Rough Riders series. Familiar McKays roam the pages, but the book stands alone. Full of internal conflict and raw sensuality, this book is hard to put down.

Each seeking a private getaway, when Ava and Chase discover they’re sharing a small trailer on McKay land, they decide to make the best of it. He’s sworn off women, and she’s on the rebound — which makes for a perfect combination. They embark on a risky path to get Chase back to basics — in disguise, under the tutelage of a revered coach. Their “hands-off” policy frustrates them both until proximity leads them into the bedroom. Ava’s plan to document their trip, and Chase’s progress, via video camera creates some interesting situations. (SAMHAIN, 2011, 288 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown