Book Review

by Susan Krinard

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal
Sensuality: MILD
Setting: 1924 New York

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It appears Krinard is a Buffy, Angel, Blade and Underworld fan, since she's incorporated elements of these pop culture icons in her paranormal thriller. Making good use of her Roaring '20s setting with a gangster-style "war," speakeasies, bootleggers and even a touch of the Great Gatsby lifestyle, Krinard creates a solid novel - though it's not as captivating as her previous paranormal romances.

Master vampire Cato saves Allegra Chase from death. She's unique, a creature who can walk in
the sunlight, cry and live a "normal" life outside the clan. But with her protector dead, Allegra is in danger. The new master realizes she's the key to
the secrets of a new breed.

Reclusive Griffin Durant protects
his sister by refusing to join the pack. He may be a werewolf, but he remains aloof until the night he saves Allie. Unwittingly and unwillingly drawn into the battle between wolf and vampire by their friends' disappearances, Allie and Griffin join forces to prevent an
all-out war between a gangster, the master and the pack leader. This leads them to unexpected truths and a passion that grows against all odds. (HQN, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed By: Kathe Robin

Publisher: HQN

Published: October 2007

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(1 ratings)

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