Image of Chasing the Moon


Image of Chasing the Moon

Readers who like their science fiction on the wacky, mind-bending side, à la Douglas Adams, are sure to love this story that examines our place in the cosmos and our need to understand even the most inexplicable things. The plotting is a bit convoluted, but it all comes straight in the end. At times hilarious and often poignant, Diana grows into an indomitable advocate for her universe while taming all sorts of monsters.

Diana is simply looking for a new apartment with reasonable rent. What she finds is the apartment of her dreams, but there’s a catch: there’s a monster in the closet waiting to eat her if he gets out, and she can’t leave unless she lets the monster out. Diana discovers that she has entered a bizarre reality caused by the Moon’s separation from its physical and intellectual entities, where beings from other realities are trapped as well — including Calvin, the Moon’s intellectual side, and Vom, the closet-dwelling monster who is always ready for another meal. (ORBIT, May, 320 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter