Image of Chasing the Night (Eve Duncan)


Image of Chasing the Night (Eve Duncan)

This latest Eve Duncan thriller moves around the globe with a story that is
literally explosive! In this chapter Eve shares the spotlight with an intriguing new heroine. Johansen’s books are so addictive because of her expertise in creating memorable characters faced with life-testing challenges. Pulse-pounding!

For the past nine years, CIA operative Catherine Ling’s young son Luke has been held by Russian mob boss Sergei Rakovac, whose newest partnership involves Islamic terrorists with a truly horrifying plan. A desperate Catherine needs Eve Duncan’s help in age progression to figure out what Luke looks like now. Rakovac may be a madman, but he is one step ahead as he drags both Eve and Catherine toward a final showdown. (ST. MARTIN’S, Oct., 384 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith