After inheriting his uncles condo, petroleum geologist Jake Carpenter intends to spend some quiet productive time working on his book proposal. Unfortunately, all of Jakes plans fly out the window the day he moves into Paradise Tower. To start with, the elderly residents of the homeowners association vote for Jake as their new president in absentia. According to the residents, Jakes first order of business is the investigation and removal of some pesky ghosts haunting their building.

As a pragmatic scientist, Jake has no use for the concept of ghosts, hauntings or any other psychic phenomena. He is annoyed when he discovers that the residents have already brought in local psychic Rainbow Moonglow for a consultation. Rainbow is furious when she is accused by the handsome new resident of being a fraud. As Rainbow makes icily clear, she is taking no money or gifts for this job.

Despite their less than cordial start, Rainbow and Jake find themselves working in close proximity when the ghosts take up residence in Jakes condo. Non-believer Jake is having a very difficult time finding a rational explanation for the chair floating on his ceiling. The only answer seems to be that his Uncle Joe has returned and is trying to make a point. Joe and his fiancie Lucy died in an explosion on Joes boat. Was it an accident as first assumed, or was foul play involved?

Sue Civil-Brown returns readers to the charming town of Paradise Beach, FL, where local residents once again meddle in the lives and loves of those around them. CHASING RAINBOW is packed with good-hearted humor, ghostly doings and sexy fun. (Feb., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith