Image of Chateau of Secrets: A Novel


Image of Chateau of Secrets: A Novel

Amazing characters, deep family secrets and an authentic French château make Dobson’s story a delight. The author intertwines the past and the present with historical details that don’t overwhelm the plot or her readers. Her characters are compelling in the way that they are determined to find out the truth about their family history, no matter the cost.

Gisèle Duchant doesn’t care that her life is at stake as she helps to protect the French resistance fighters in the underground tunnels of her family’s estate. When German soldiers invade her home, Gisèle’s mission becomes even more risky — especially when she takes in her Jewish friend’s infant daughter, who she passes her off as her own child to the Germans. In present day, Chloe Sauver is in France to stay at her family’s château and escape the publicity she’s getting from calling off her wedding to a political candidate. Chloe is working with a documentary filmmaker to make a film about her family and their connection to WW II. While exploring the tunnels and learning about her family, Chloe is shocked when she learns the truth about her past, but also proud to be a part of it. (HOWARD, May, 400 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans