Image of Check Mate (Silhouette Family Secrets)


Image of Check Mate (Silhouette Family Secrets)

Captured by the Coalition and about to undergo reprogramming by a psychiatrist, financial whiz Jake Ingram has little hope of resistance or escape. Luckily, the doctor is really Mariah Daley, an undercover FBI agent sent to protect and rescue him. But a series of miscues doom all of her plans. When Jake's brother Gideon is kidnapped again, the game goes in a whole new direction. In Beverly Barton's Check Mate (3), the last of the original Family Secrets series, the use of stock bad guys and a clichéd plot is disappointing. But Jake and Mariah are handled better, as is the crackling tension between them. It's also a refreshing change to have the heroine be the "protector."

Reviewed by: 
Cataherine Witmer