Image of Checkmate, My Lord


Image of Checkmate, My Lord

If spies, danger, murder, suspense, sexual tension and a fast pace are what a reader craves, then Devlyn’s second Nexus novel is the perfect read. The strong, secretive hero will pique your curiosity, the heroine is easily admired, the suspense intriguing and the love story wonderfully portrayed. Devlyn delivers an emotional, powerful read.

Years after the fact, Catherine Ashcroft is convinced her husband’s death was not accidental. She turns to Sebastian Danvers, Earl of Somerton, for answers. Sebastian, spymaster of the elite Nexus ring, realizes Ashcroft’s letters may hold a key to uncovering a band of traitors. Though Catherine and Sebastian try to keep their relationship all business, it is impossible to avoid their mutual desire. As Catherine discovers the truth about Ashcroft’s activities, and threats mount, she must depend on Sebastian or lose everything she holds dear. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 416 pp. $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin