Image of Chemistry (Arabesque)


Image of Chemistry (Arabesque)

Undiscovered poet and techie
Kyra Douglas learns the true meaning
of friendship in this delightful story about a woman who must sacrifice
her own feelings for her friend, and what happens when the tides of fate have other plans.

After a one-month sabbatical at
a writer's workshop, Kyra returns to
her job to find that everything has changed. She encounters luscious
new CFO Race Jennings, and their immediate attraction inspires new
poetry. But to her dismay, her friend Chantal is dating Race, who mistakenly believes Chantal is the author of the poem he read on her desk. In an attempt to secure Race's heart,
Chantal begs Kyra not to tell Race
the truth. Kyra complies, but deep
down her heart hurts.

Louise pens a lyrical and sensual romance that stimulates all the senses. With themes of friendship, unrequited love, the strength of sheer willpower
and the unstoppable force of destiny, this novel stirs the emotions. Get comfortable and sit back, because this
one is hard to put down. (Jul., 304
pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison