Image of Cheri on Top


Image of Cheri on Top

A fast-reading romance with a bit of mystery and plenty of small-town characters, this novel by Donovan even has a cameo appearance by a guard squirrel. While some of the plot components are a bit well worn, the characters are just plain fun.

Cheri was ready to shake the dust of small-town Bigler off her shoes. She and her best friend Candy had headed off to the big city of Tampa and made their fortune, only to lose it all. Her grandfather has asked her to come back as publisher of the family-owned local paper and she is going to have to say yes. She is going to have to face all the tangled family dynamics, the secrets and the hurts that she left behind. Plus, the editor is her former brother-in-law, her high school crush, J.J. Meanwhile, something is off with the paper’s finances. Cheri trained as a forensic accountant and her spidey sense is telling her that something doesn’t add up right. Add a body in the lake and there’s no shortage of breaking news. Only problem is lots of things besides the news can get broken here, including her heart. (ST. MARTIN’S, Sep., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan