Cori Justice is trying to put the past behind her as she and her brother Michael move to Charlotte, North Carolina to take over the family's restaurant business. In the midst of the upheaval, Michael is up to his old schemes again. This time he's committed the business to sponsor a race car-for twenty thousand dollars! Cori can't believe her ears, nor her eyes when she meets the driver. She wonders if she'll ever have a peaceful moment agian. The man is too attractive, too confident and makes her insides sizzle whenever he looks at her with that dark, knowing gaze of his.

Brad Marshall isn't ready for the emotions Cori unearths in him. Yet, he's intrigued by the aura of sadness fringing her gaze and her manner. Unable to resist her, Brad is determined to bring a little joy and laughter into Cori's life, never realizing he falls a little more in love with her each time they meet. But tragedy interrupts his dream life with a reality so harsh he wonders if he-or their love-will survive.

CHERISH is the warm, honest story of a couple who struggle to create their own happiness out of the ashes of tragedy. Ms. Harris has done an admirable job, creating a romance worthy of the Arabesque standards of excellence. Don't miss this heart-rending, yet inspirational, novel. (Apr., 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson