Eden Page had her hands full raising three children alone after losing her sheriff husband to a bullet. She had sworn to herself never again to trust a man, especially not one wearing a badge.

Tanner McCay had come a long way to live down the reputations of his outlaw brother and father, and to take up the job as Sheriff of Dogwood Springs, Texas. He wanted nothing more than to keep his past a secret and to make something of his future. He hadn't planned on falling for a beautiful woman who suddenly came into his life.

The road to Tanner's happiness is definitely a bumpy one. He may have won over Eden's two younger children, but the woman herself is another story. Her oldest daughter, who doesn't want anyone taking her father's place, isn't helping matters either.

Add to this Eden's over-protective mothering that has had the town talking for years, some prominent citizens of the town who would just as soon see the new sheriff fail, and a rash of strange occurrences that all seem to point back to Tanner, and the fun has just begun.

Rachelle Nelson delivers an enchanting cast of characters who will work their way into your heart while her storyline sweeps you along for the ride. SENSUAL (July, 296 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson