After learning she has skin cancer, good girl Emily Chapman realizes the list of things she's never done is overwhelming. She retreats to a hotel bar and impulsively buys a sexy stranger a drink. When James Dalton realizes he would be Emily's first lover, he knows he has to do the right thing and stay out of her life. Having just been released from prison and now in the Witness Protection Program, he has a life that's in shambles. When his caseworker assigns him to live in the same small town as Emily, he's pretty sure the temptation to have her will be too much. Can he ask her to take a chance on him, knowing it could put her life in danger? Sheri WhiteFeather creates the ultimate bad boy and makes readers love him anyway. James Dalton is a former mobster with a good heart who deserves the love he finds in CHEROKEE STRANGER (4.5).

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck