Following his wife's death at the hands of white soldiers, Cheyenne warrior Two Arrows becomes an Army scout, drinking away his sorrows and losing all self-respect, until the day he sees Glory.

Escaping the scandal of her divorce, Glory runs the general store at the fort. Her compassion for the Cheyenne, her wild free spirit and her great beauty attract lots of attention, especially from Lt. David Krueger.

An honorable officer, David hopes to marry Glory, whose past has no meaning for him (only their love and the future do). Something, however, is holding Glory back from setting a wedding date.

The electricity between Glory and Two Arrows stuns them both. With his tribe about to flee the southern reservation and return to their Northern homeland, Two Arrows has much to worry about, yet he can't stop thinking of Glory.

A twist of fate makes her his captive as the Cheyenne head northward to freedom. Though Glory fights for her freedom, she cannot escape Two Arrows and soon becomes immersed in Cheyenne traditions, developing a deep respect for the people and a deeper love for Two Arrows.

The harrowing journey, their continual battles to survive the elements and a common enemy, the U.S. army, only bring Two Arrows and Glory closer together. Yet, outside forces threaten to destroy them as Two Arrows and his people make their last bid for freedom.

CHEYENNE SONG is a powerful, emotionally intense and heart-wrenching story of a proud people's last-ditch effort to maintain their dignity. Not only a strong, vital love story, but also a testament to the Cheyenne, Georgina Gentry brings historical events and a cast of remarkable characters (including David and his friend Muldoon) to life, so that readers feel the harshness, injustice and great love on every page. This is what Indian romance is all about. SENSUAL (389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin