Image of Chick with a Charm: A Babes On Brooms Novel


Image of Chick with a Charm: A Babes On Brooms Novel

This second in Thompson's new Babes on Brooms series stands well on its own. It follows the same premise
as the series starter, Blonde With
a Wand, with another plotline that demands an enormous suspension
of disbelief. But Thompson creates
such realistic characters that she
makes it work.

Lily has always been known as the impulsive screw-up in her family. She has never quite measured up to her sister, the focused, competent business owner. She can't even get the guy she is crushing on to move beyond the longing-looks stage. Now her sister is getting married and she needs a date for the engagement party. Maybe Griffin, the crush in question, just needs a little push in her direction, a small adoration spell, perhaps.

Lily crafts the spell, using the adoration of her dog, Daisy, as the template. It works! Griffin adores her, and the sex is stupendous. Unfortunately, the more Lily is around Griffin, the more she really likes him. She starts to fall hard for him, but she's dug herself into a deep pit of deceit. How will she ever tell if his feelings are real, or if it's all just part of the spell he's under? And how will he ever forgive her if he finds out what she did to him? The party approaches, the lies get more complicated and Lily just feels worse every day. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Mar., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan