Businesswoman Sarah Hayden has successfully avoided returning to her hometown of Star Valley, Wyoming, for a good many years, but her father's sudden death makes complete exile an impossibility. Forced to return, Sarah comes face to face with her long lost love and their complex past.

Jim Mill Roice, owner of Roice Wyoming Trout Fitters, is secure in who he is and content with his life. While there are some rough spots in his marriage, he loves his wife Victoria and he adores his adopted son Charlie. Sarah's unexpected return threatens to upset the calm stability of his life, for there are secrets in this valley that will change his life forever once revealed.

When they were young, Sarah and Jim had been inseparable and true lovers, but Sarah dreamed of making a success of her life outside the valley, while Jim was content to stay. Sarah's discovery of her pregnancy after circumstances compel her to leave the valley force her to make the heart-wrenching decision to give up her baby for adoption. Sarah feels she has no right to interfere in the life of the man she never stopped loving. Will there ever be a time for Sarah and Jim to fulfill their promised love?

Author Deborah Bedford is sure to delight her readers with this well crafted, powerful drama that is guaranteed to touch your heart. CHICKADEE is a moving and eloquent novel that follows the wrenching struggle of two long separated lovers trying to heal and forgive the past. (July, 306 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith