Image of Chieftain (MIRA)


Image of Chieftain (MIRA)

Shanaco leaves his New Mexico ranch to fulfill his grandfather's last wish that he escort their people, the Kwahadi Comanche, to the reservation at Fort Sill. Once the tribe is settled, Shanaco expects to return home.

But when they reach the center of the Fort Sill reservation and turn over their weapons as commanded by the treaty, they are thrown into holding pens by weak-willed Colonel Harkins, who allows prejudice to color his decisions.

Maggie Bankhead found her calling when she left Virginia and came to the reservation to teach English. Her deep respect for the Comanche compels her to fight for their rights. That sincere and fierce determination earns Shanaco's respect, and they come together to fight for the rights of his people.

Maggie discovers she isn't alone in her admiration of the Comanche chief. When Shanaco rejects Harkin's lustful daughter Lois' attentions, she becomes a spiteful enemy to them. The two find themselves on a dangerous path where passion and prejudice collide.

As always, Ryan crafts a story of intense emotional power and high sensuality. This time she gives us a truly hateful villain, a proud hero and a fiery heroine. Here is a true-grit western, with a realistic historical backdrop, perfectly merged with a powerful romance—what readers have come to expect from this true mistress of the genre. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin