Image of The Chieftain (The Return of the  Highlanders)


Image of The Chieftain (The Return of the  Highlanders)

Mallory’s latest in her Return of the Highlanders series is a must- read for Scottish medieval fans. A page-turner with a fast moving plot and believable characters, The Chieftain’s evolution of an unshakable romance will keep readers engrossed.

When Connor MacDonald returns from war, he discovers his clan in disarray, with no leader, and under constant attack from their enemy, the Macleods. Taking his rightful place as chieftain, he must forgo his desires and place the clan above all else. He must recover Trottnish Castle from the Macleods to ensure the MacDonalds’ safety. He decides he will wed for alliance, not love. Ilysa, healer and seer, has been in love with Connor forever. In his absence, she took over the role of chatelaine for his father. When Connor asks for her guidance, he has no idea of the depth of her love or how her quiet beauty will awaken his desire. While Connor prepares for the coming battle, Ilysa takes action to protect him from assassins and to protect the clan. Once Connor puts aside his pride and looks into his heart, he realizes love has been right there all along, but can he win Ilysa for his own? (FOREVER, Mar., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin