Hollywood is the stage for this enjoyable caper starring amateur P.I. Geri Sullivan and her talking chihuahua/partner Pepe. Murder follows them to the reality show where they are contestants. This is an interesting look into how the reality competitions run. The characters are comical, especially Pepe, who will have you laughing out loud. A great read.

Geri and Pepe are contestants on reality show pilot called Dancing With the Dogs, where owners and their dogs dance and are scored by three celebrity judges. On the first day of shooting, the duo walks on to the soundstage and finds one of the judges dead. As Geri and Pepe dance their way into the audience’s hearts, they try to gather clues that will help solve the crime. When a second body is found, and several of the dogs go missing, it is up to them to figure out who is behind the caper, and why. Will the show go on, or will it be dead air for Geri and Pepe? (KENSINGTON, Apr., 280 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson