Image of Child of Darkness (Lightworld/Darkworld Novels)


Image of Child of Darkness (Lightworld/Darkworld Novels)

Well-plotted, with a myriad of strong conflicts and plenty of action, this quick-moving tale should please
fantasy enthusiasts. There's far more emphasis on those aspects than
on character development -- it's
definitely not a romance, no matter what the spine says. NOTE: This is the second title in Armintrout's Lightworld/Darkworld Series.

Twenty years into Faery Queene Ayla's reign, an Upworld Fae emissary to her court warns of coming aggression from the elves, who have allied themselves with the fearsome and powerful Waterhorses. Fearing for her daughter Cerridwen's safety, Ayla announces the young woman's betrothal to her most trusted advisor, Cedric.

Angered -- and thinking herself in love with an elf, Fenrick -- Cerridwen flees. But Fenrick betrays her, and Cerridwen is taken prisoner. Ayla's consort, Malachi, sets out to bring Cerridwen home, but her actions have brought war even closer.

(MIRA, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer