Eva Jean Roberts is the victim of a fallen world. As a result, she finds herself pregnant and on a course to rid herself of this disaster. E.J. knows shes not parent material, especially after the childhood shes had. Plus, as a successful career woman, co-owner of a trendy cosmetics company, how could she possibly have time for motherhood?

E.J. thinks the answers to her problems will be found in a quick trip to Cullens Corner but as the few short days stretch longer and longer, E.J. begins to have doubts about her decision. Wrapped in a cocoon of love, surrounded by friends and family in the small community, E.J. learns about life, grace, healing and most of all, love.

Lori Copelands delightful writing voice is ever-present in this homespun, touching and compassionate novel, aptly titled. The unique interspersing of the narration keeps readers guessing who is telling the story and the author has a definite knack for knowing when to slip in a giggle or two, as well. (July, 230 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston