Her daughter Anna's birth has changed single mom Meredith Malone's life even more than she anticipated. Anna is half African-American due to a fertility clinic error, and even Meredith's parents can't quite accept her. Needing to get away, Meredith takes the clinic's offer of a vacation at a resort. There she meets single dad Justin Weber, and attorney, and his two sons. Soon, Meredith finds the idea of blending their families very appealing—but that's before she finds out that Justin represents the clinic. He's innocent of wrongdoing, but convincing Meredith of that is tough, especially after what she's been through. Cheryl St. John handles the complex social issues in Child of Her Heart (4) with skill and sensitivity. It's hard to believe that interracial romances are so rare in this day and age— with luck, this one will start a trend.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer