In 1563, Scotland is rife with witch-hunting hysteria, and Anne MacGregor offers her God-given healing gifts to all. Even among her clan, the Children of the Mist, she is called the Witch of Glenstrae. Anne is shocked when her father pledges her to Niall Campbell, the Wolf of Cruachan, in order to end the feud between the Campbells and the MacGregors.

Anne must live in the Wolf's home, Kilchurn Castle, for a year and a day before the nuptials will be read. How will she survive surrounded by enemies—particularly when her greatest threat is a dark man whose inner pain and rough tenderness attempt to steal her heart?

Niall dare not allow the auburn-haired MacGregor beauty to win his trust. He has a traitor at Kilchurn Castle, and she may be involved. Why else would she taunt his people's witch fears by using her healing skills against his orders?

Morgan delivers a lively plot and a winsome hero and heroine in a well-drawn historical setting, though readers may experience déja vu in spots that feel somewhat stock of the trade. (Feb., 336 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson