The Shahala are forbidden to dream. From the time they are infants they are wakened numerous times in the night to accustom themselves to the kind of life where they are always on the alert. They leave the dreaming to the matriarchal head of the tribe, the Moonkeeper.

Ashan, the Moonkeeper, leader of the clan and legend brought to life, has dreamed that the tribe must move south and a join a smaller tribe to survive.

When the Shahala arrive, the others are not anxious to embrace the new people whose ways are different. They cannot even communicate.

Ashan meets with an accident and when she awakens from a deep sleep she is able to speak in both tongues and forms an uneasy peace. However, Tor, her soulmate, shields a secret that could tear them apart. Tor's former lover and mother of his twin daughters threatens to tell Ashtan of Tor's past.

CHILDREN OF THE DAWN, Ms. Rowe's sequel to Keepers of the Misty Time, embraces a haunting, emotional story of forbidden love that draws on the archetypes we all carry in our souls. A must read for those who want to get lost in a book and feel they are alongside the characters. (Sept., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer