Will sins of the fathers destroy a couple's chances at love?

Moriah Grant has loved Rory Campbell for years. But their fathers--construction business kings and rivals--wrecked their youthful plans of love and marriage. Now, years later, they meet again, and this time their love is stronger. But only time will tell if it's strong enough to defeat old bitterness and rivalry.

Moriah's return home brings back painful memories. She wants to accept Rory's apology for past mistakes, but a tragic accident opens her eyes to one fact--his father would do anything to bring her father's construction to its knees.

Rory's short marriage was a mistake--he married on the rebound, listening to advice from his father. Every step Rory gains in securing Moriah's trust ends up being derailed by his father's determination to bring his ex-friend and rival down. When his father's lies and subterfuge threaten Moriah's life and her livelihood, Rory is determined to stop him.

Carroll has created a fascinating and cleverly woven plot. Moriah and Rory's relationship is, at times, a disaster. Just when you think all is well, something else happens to drive a wedge between them. (Sep., 222 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith