Long-time category author Deborah Bedford moves effortlessly into longer contemporary novels with this emotionally charged release.A CHILD'S PROMISE is a tender and compassionate tale of damaged souls learning to trust and love each other without reservations. A very special read!

Returning Somalian Vet Johnny Owen knew he was taking a big emotional risk, but after corresponding for months with Lisa Jo Jensen, Johnny felt he knew and trusted this very special woman. Proposing via the mail seemed a logical extension to their unusual courtship.

Lisa is both horrified and hopeful when she receives Johnny's unexpected proposal-horrified because the charming life she portrayed in her letters is total fiction; hopeful because Johnny offers a way out of her nightmarish life. Lisa's rape by her wealthy stepfather and the birth of an illegitimate baby girl is enough to make most men wary. Taking fate into her hands, Lisa arrives on Johnny's doorstep, baby in tow.

Though angry and betrayed by Lisa's lies, Johnny's pride won't let him back out of the marriage. Their unusual postal courtship has given these two lonely people a shot at love and happiness, but dark secrets threaten to destroy the very foundation of their fragile relationship.(Mar., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith