Skip Tracer Dixie Flannigan feels like she is Alice fallen down the rabbit hole, when she witnesses her gentle, senior citizen neighbor Edna Pine rob a local bank. To Dixie's horror, Edna is killed shortly thereafter in a violent shoot-out with the police. What on earth could have caused Edna to first rob a bank and then shoot at the police? The really disturbing part is that Edna is the second woman to die while holding up a local Houston bank. The first was 55-year-old Lucy Ames. The Granny Bandits, as they have been christened, are causing a furor in the press.

When Edna's son requests that Dixie look into his mother's bizarre death, Dixie feels obligated to at least try. Did Lucy and Edna know each other? Could they have planned this outrageous plot? The fact that the money from both robberies has never been found leads Dixie to suspect that someone else is involved.

As Dixie digs deeper into the mystery of the Granny Bandits, she becomes convinced there is a deadly and dangerous manipulator hiding behind the scenes. Who is this mysterious individual who can control other people? Dixie had better find out before the next Granny Bandit strikes.

CHILL FACTOR is just the latest multifaceted and electrifying novel to emerge from the gifted mind of author Chris Rogers. Dixie Flannigan continues to be one tough and fascinating woman! (On-sale Feb., 325 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith