Over two decades ago, psychic FBI agent Quentin Hayes had his first brush with death and evil. While staying as a child at a resort called the Lodge, a playmate was murdered. The case was never solved, and Quentin has returned to the Lodge over the years looking for answers. But he's found only more cases of missing children.

When Quentin checks into the Lodge this year, he discovers Diana Brisco, a troubled young woman who has been drugged for most of her life and sent to therapy because she appears to have mental problems. But Quentin realizes that Diana is just an unrecognized psychic medium. Her abilities may be the key to finally unlocking the truth and stopping the horrific evil that has haunted this resort for more than a century.

The FBI's Special Crimes Unit is back and confronting an evil that may not be human. If you like paranormal suspense, you can't do better than Hooper! (Jul., 325 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith