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Image of Chime

Billingsley’s Chime is brilliantly crafted. Briony’s narrative is distinctive, the mystery of her stepmother’s death is compelling and the setting is alive with intricate details. Fans of historical and paranormal tales will find a fresh new voice in Billingsley. But readers beware; the Old Ones of this story will haunt your imaginations long past the last page of this story.

Briony believes that she is an evil witch. She can communicate with the Old Ones of Swampsea and is responsible for several family accidents. If the villagers of Swampsea discover what Briony has done, she will be sentenced to death. After her beloved stepmother's death, Briony makes a promise to stop speaking with the creatures of Swampsea. But when her twin sister, Rose, comes down with the deadly Swamp Cough, Briony makes a deal with a powerful Old One to try to save her. Will Briony's attempt to save her sister be successful or will the deal result in her own death? (PENGUIN, Mar., 320 pp., $17.99, 9780803735521, HC, 12 & up)

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Kate Girard