Image of Chimes at Midnight


Image of Chimes at Midnight

Fans of McGuire’s fascinating heroine will find much to enjoy with this seventh series outing. There is a sense that Tobey’s journey has started a new path with this book, with the launching of several new story arcs and the continuing evolution of her relationships, but the best elements of this series — the phenomenal worldbuilding, complex plots and fascinating characters — are still present in full force. Readers will no doubt clamor for more, and fortunately, the future is promising for this engrossing series.

Life is finally feeling normal for October Daye. Her squire Quentin is training, and her relationship with Tybalt, the King of Cats, is at last on sure footing. That is, until the bodies of changelings are found, killed by an overdose of goblin fruit. When she tries to draw attention to the problem, Tobey is exiled, banished from her home and her friends by the Queen of Mists, whose right to the throne suddenly seems dubious. If she is to find any of the answers she needs, Tobey will have to journey to the edges of the kingdom, and pray that she is in time to save her loved ones — and herself. (DAW, Sep., 368 pp., $7.99)
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Bridget Keown