Brokenhearted, embittered Kyle Renburn has spent years wandering the world in search of peace. He arrives in Macoa and is compelled to find the hidden Temple of Hoth, a pavilion forbidden to the foreign devils, located beyond Chinas closed doors.

He asks his appointed guide, Jin Kang, to help him sneak into the country and find the Temple. Kyle discovers that the boy, Jin Kang, is actually a half-Chinese, half-Scots young woman named Troth Montgomery who has something to ask of him in return. In exchange for her aid, he will help Troth locate her British relatives.

Their adventure leads to grave danger as Kyle is captured and sentenced to die. Before his execution, Kyle marries Troth to secure her safety as Lady Maxwell, and sends her to find his twin brother, Dominic, in England. Haunted by memories of Kyle, Troth finds life in England difficult. And theres something or someone following her

Beautifully written, THE CHINA BRIDE is a fitting sequel to The Wild Child. Kyles story brims over with enchantment, the magic of the Orient, passion and a stormy romance. East meets west in the most exquisite way. One of the summers must reads. SENSUAL (Aug., 354 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin