Hannah Swensen leads a very dull life. When not working at her bakery, The Cookie Jar, she spends most of her time dodging the men her well-meaning mother tries to set her up with, or communing with her cat, Moishe. Hannahs not complainingwell, not complaining muchbut she would like a little excitement in her life.

Hannah gets more excitement then she bargained for when local football legend Ron LaSalle is shot to death and Hannah discovers the body. Curiosity seekers flock to The Cookie Jar to buy cookies and stare at Hannah, who cant help but be glad for the business but is saddened by the death of Ron, whom she knew and liked.

When her brother-in-law, a deputy sheriff, asks for her help, Hannah jumps at the chance. Little does she know that she will uncover another murder, endanger her own life, and find romance as well!

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MURDER is a warmhearted read with a very likeable heroine. Hannah Swensen is level-headed and friendly with just the right amount of sardonic wit. (Apr., 320 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg