Image of Chocolate Goodies (Kimani Romance)


Image of Chocolate Goodies (Kimani Romance)
CHOCOLATE GOODIES (4) by Jacquelin Thomas: A superficial and somewhat judgmental heroine is transformed into a caring and loving woman in this wonderfully accomplished book. Chocolatier Coco Stanley, who specializes in creating new products for her upscale shop, is upset about the new business across from hers. The music store with all the teenage boys hanging around doesn't fit in the neighborhood. Ransom Winters is extremely proud of D-Unit, his program for at-risk teens who have been suspended from school. They get tutoring, work in the neighborhood at local shops, and listening to Christian rap at the center is one of their vices. Although at odds when they meet, Ransom and Coco find a way to overcome their pasts and opposing views to forge a lasting relationship.
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Debbie R. Sims