Image of The Chocolate Kiss (Amour Et Chocolat)


Image of The Chocolate Kiss (Amour Et Chocolat)

The polar ice caps are melting. Blame Laura Florand. In her latest choco-centric French romance, Florand serves up a mouth-watering tale of slow-burning passion and combustible consummation that’s as perfectly crafted as the hero’s surprisingly complex confections and as silky and addictive as the heroine’s dark chocolat chaud. Sensuous and sumptuous, The Chocolate Kiss leaves its reader with one thought: Mon Dieu, I have got to get myself to Paris!

Scarred by a rootless childhood, Magalie Chaudron has finally carved out her place in the world — making chocolat chaud in her eccentric aunts’ equally eccentric teashop nestled in the heart of Paris’s tranquil Île Saint-Louis. Magalie’s chaste sanctuary is threatened, however, when the infuriatingly self-confident (and undeniably sexy) master chef Philippe Lyonnais opens one of his world-famous patisseries just down the block and begins luring away her clientele. Unlike Magalie’s customers, Philippe isn’t entirely convinced that Magalie’s chocolate is enchanted, but how else can he explain the supernaturally sizzling passion she inspires in him? (KENSINGTON, Jan., 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin