Saving Gilly Giles from a gentlemans unwanted attention places Damon Ryder in a compromising situation. To save the ladys reputation, Damon claims she is his fianci.

Though she is Viscount Sinclairs ward, Gilly had been raised in the London slums and is quite able to take care of herself. She is dumbstruck when Damon announces their engagement.

Though Damon has made his fortune in trade in America and is not expected to marry a woman from a high station, Gilly firmly believes he can never marry her.

From the instant Damon spies Gilly, he is enamoredmore than chivalry compels him to propose. Even knowing Gillys past, he still wants to marry her, until her dearest childhood friend returns home and he believes he has a rival for her affections.

Gillys fear that she is unworthy of Damon combines with Drums return to set her on edge. Shell have to choose between several men for the one man who can truly hold her heart.

Readers will cheer Gilly on and thank Ms. Layton for bringing back the little urchin from The Cad, giving her a wonderfully romantic and sparkling story. The colorful backdrop is perfectly portrayed and the emotional depth will move readers to laugh and perhaps shed a tear or two. SENSUAL (Jun., 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin