Critically acclaimed author Sparks delivers once again with a superb, emotionally charged novel that will leave readers spellbound. Sparks' talent for story-telling is magical -- he has an unerring ability to completely immerse readers into his mesmerizing plotline.

Travis Parker, a veterinarian in a small North Carolina town, leads a charmed life. In his early 30s, Travis owns a home, has traveled the world and enjoys weekend outings with his longtime friends. Travis' life changes when he meets Gabby Holland, his attractive new neighbor, a physician's assistant who seems to find fault with Travis' carefree bachelor lifestyle.

As Travis and Gabby become better acquainted, they discover a mutual attraction. Then years later, Travis' love for Gabby faces the ultimate test, a test that no one should have to face, one that could shatter his love forever. (Grand Central, Oct., 272 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick