Fawcett spotlights a bright new star in the Regency heavens in this impressive debut romance by a dazzling new talent.

Jason, Lord Tarrant, is in no mood to marry, especially the paragon of virtue selected by his matchmaking parents. Fleeing to his country estate buys him a certain amount of time, but what he really needs is a fiance of his own. Where, however, can he find a respectable female to assume the role of his betrothed who will not expect him to carry her off to the altar?

In the newspaper, of course. And so Miss Aurelie Carollan arrives, believing that she is to act as governess, and discovers that her employment will not be at all what she expected. Since Aurelie has good reasons of her own to assume a temporary new identity, the lady accepts Lord Tarrant's unusual bargain.

Ms. Jensen displays an unerring romantic sensibility as she puts one delicious twist after another on a favorite plot, creating warmly appealing characters rich in flavor and texture. What a delight! (Feb., 220 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer