Choices is a sweet love story between a curmudgeon hero and an innocent young woman. The secondary characters, consisting of Lorelei's family, especially her eccentric aunt, tend to eclipse the primary story at times making this book feel like a place-holder for the rest of the series. Although it’s a bit predictable, readers will still find this read charming.

When his doctor warns Alex Kane that the workaholic computer software executive will die of a heart attack or stroke if he doesn't slow down, he takes the advice seriously and moves to the country. While learning how to relax Alex meets Lorelei — who arrives on her horse from the mist, never saying a word. He is instantly smitten.

At 17, her dream of winning an Olympic gold was shattered thanks to a car accident that damaged her leg and voice. Able to talk and walk, but not well, Lorelei has become a hermit, living a solitary life out in the country. Can she learn to face the public again? Can Alex learn to slow down and appreciate her? Both have a lot of healing and adjusting to do if they want to make it work. (SELF-PUBLISHED, December 2013, dl., $3.99)

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This book is a reprint Silent Enchantment, originally released in 1990 by Kismet publishing.

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak