Image of The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride


Image of The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride

Weber weaves a tale so captivating, thrilling, sexy and insane that it’s enough to make a preacher curse — literally. The book fulfills the promise of a great story from the first words to the surprising climax. Fully developed, memorable characters deliver affecting scenes in their own voices. Once again, Weber crafts exceptional drama about crises that unfold well beyond the church building and the people who sing and worship there.

Aaron Mackie is back as the electrifying choir director. He forsakes his womanizing to marry his soul mate, Tia, only to be left bewildered at the altar. When she repeatedly rejects his calls, he slips back to the dark side. In trying to rescue him and find Tia for answers, Aaron’s friend and pastor, Bishop T.K. Wilson, is ensnared in his own scandal. Jealousy is deadly, and it will take more than prayer to bail longtime friends out of this mess. (GRAND CENTRAL, Aug., 320 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton