Image of Choke Hold (Hard Case Crime Novels)


Image of Choke Hold (Hard Case Crime Novels)

The relentless Faust doesn’t slow down for a minute in the raunchy and racy second adventure of Angel Dare, former porn star and Witsec runaway. By the sixth page, bullets are flying, bodies are falling and our heroine is on the run. The pace never slows after that as Angel either fights or fornicates her way out of one desperate situation after another. But the tough cookie is almost undone by her tender feelings for a fighter.

Hiding from the Croatian gangsters she testified against, Angel’s latest shaky cover is blown when a former co-star walks into the diner where she’s a waitress. Shortly thereafter, Thick Vic Ventura is mortally wounded in a shootout, and begs Angel to look after his newly found son. Cody is a hothead and wannabe WWA fighter with troubles of his own, but Angel is determined to get him to Vegas, where he hopes to be cast in a reality TV show. But they’ve got to get past a lot of bad guys, including the murderous Croatians, first. (HARD CASE CRIME, Oct., 256 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French