Image of A Chorus Lineup (A Glee Club Mystery)


Image of A Chorus Lineup (A Glee Club Mystery)

Charbonneau does it again with the newest entry in her Glee Club Mystery series. Her lovable protagonist and cast of characters are, as always, a pleasure to follow throughout the novel. The mystery remains intriguing throughout, even when it’s not at its most suspenseful moments. The novel is truly a fantastic read and worth every second spent on it.

Paige Marshall couldn’t be more proud that Music in Motion, the show choir she coaches at Prospect Glen High School, has made it to Nationals. Nothing can stop them now — except that everything goes wrong from the minute they arrive. Someone sabotages the costumes of nearly every team except theirs. Then some stage lights fall and almost take out an entire team. Paige stumbles across the dead body of LuAnn Freeman, the woman who accused Paige of all the mishaps. Now she must find a murderer before someone else ends up dead. (PRIME CRIME, Jan., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren DuBois