Image of The Chosen (Legend Chronicles)


Image of The Chosen (Legend Chronicles)

Meyers does it again with the third book in her Legend of the Chronicles series! Offering a little bit of historical fiction, a little taste of the paranormal and a whole lot of sex appeal, The Chosen is everything you’ve been waiting for. The steampunk world Meyers has created is genuinely innovative and immersive. Each adventure focuses on a different Jackson brother as they work toward a common goal, providing a nice flow between the books in the series. This series is recommended for those looking for an exciting, fabulous voice in the paranormal genre.

Remington Jackson is a lawyer by day, demon hunter … whenever necessary. He usually stays on the right side of the law, but in order to finally win the ultimate face-off against evil, he may need to skate on the wrong side for a little while. Enter China McGee, a gorgeous shapeshifting thief who agrees to help Remy steal the relic he and his brothers need — with every intention of double-crossing him. There’s something special about this brother, though, and fighting side by side in the Aztec jungle can turn a girl’s head. Will China be able to sort out her feelings for Colt and Remy without tearing the brothers — and her heart — apart? (ZEBRA, Mar. 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes